The Ace is Much Better in Hold ‘Em

By | January 12, 2022
The Ace is Much Better in Hold 'Em

The Ace is much better to have in a hold ’em hand if it’s suited. Why suited? If you have two eights you have a very strong hand. Two eights and you can get a flush draw out of just two cards. It’s like holding two Contact solution paper and drawing two holes for your hole cards. But if you have an Ace and a King you have a very vulnerable hand. Two kings in the right situation, could be the death of you.

In my time as a card counter I watched a lot of players play junk hands. They would fade out by the way. They had three of a kind or some other hand and they ate it up. The thing is that they were out of position and they didn’t know it. They were pot committed and they had no clue if the flop would improve their hand. Their poker clock was ticking and they had a very limited stack. It’s not a coincidence that they ran into each other on the river.

Watch for these guys. They routinely limp and they limp and they’re ready to go to the end. They may as well have a pocket pair hoping for a trips opportunity. So many players don’t have patience and they are prone to chasing their flush and their pair won’t hold up. Odds are they will draw a hand to kill their monster. You will take their stack because you are eating their lunch.

So the advice here is to, 1) don’t commit too much pre-flop to hands that won’t win, or 2) if you do reach the flop and you have a hand bet it aggressively. I have yet to see a player win a pot by continuing to call in this situation. 3) If you are in late position and no one has raised the pot you are in you are in a prime position to steal the blind. When you see two red sevens in your hand, you are in prime position to scare the table.

Your first decision as far as reaction to your first holding is a tough one. You will have to base this decision on your read of the players, the game and the cards. I recommend that you base your decision on the first two cards you see. The more information you can gather the better. You do not want to bet your set since you just made a pair. I see novice players bet their set much too aggressively even when holding aces.

If you do have to call the Big Blind, I recommend that you do so only if you want to see the flop. If you do not want to see the flop, you fold. At this point you are dependent on the flop to win the pot. We will review the flop later.

Late Stage

If you are a player that raises pre-flop most times, you are in the late stage. Typically, players will tighten up and wait for the strong hands to enter the pot. Some players will also play their hand well, but most players are generally playing with an “erve and repeat” type of strategy: see the flop, see the flop, see the flop.

Once you reach the late stage, you are probably playing your poker hand well, making good decisions and laying down strong hands. Unless, you are waiting for a good hand or have a very strong read on your opponents, it might be a good idea to shut it down and fold your hand.

Learning to handle the various moves and situations in a Texas Hold’em tournament is a difficult task that requires experience and patience. The best way to practice is to play online. One can play live free poker games in order to improve hand reading skills Naturally, one can also play Omaha poker games to help hone other skills. The point is, as you progress in Texas Hold’em, you are going to find yourself in many hands. You are going to have to deal with all of the different types of situations that you may or may not have dealt with in the past.

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