How to Make a Steady Income at Online Poker

By | July 7, 2022
How to Make a Steady Income at Online Poker

Most poker players are aware of the overnight tournaments and online satellite tournaments.  These two tournaments are the premier tournaments for earning big bucks for a small fee from a fortunate player.  There is one more though which very few people play, and that is Sit and Go tournaments.

Stud and full ring games are not the only type of online poker game you have to be aware of.  There is another, which you may have heard about, called Sit and Go.  Sit and Go is an online poker tournament consisting of 10 players where a player begins with the same number of chips as the current highest-place player, and one player becomes victim of the blinds.  As the tournament progresses, more and more players fall by the wayside until only one remains.  The first player is said to be in the ” Queue”.

The Queue consists of the 10 victims and there are no blinds during the early stages.  During the middle stages, the player with the most chips at this stage is the winner.  During the latter stages, the player with the fewest chips is the survivor, just like the Fun-Tournament at the schoolyard.

As with all Bolagila games, Quebec Holdem is full of both luck and skill.  Luck comes in the form of the cards you are dealt at the beginning of the game.  When playing short-handed, the probability increases that no one will have a good hand.  Therefore, when your hand improves into a better one, you need to increase the amount of chips you are betting, as these are the ones you will have to give up later on.

The mechanics of the game are not the parts that need to be learned.  The learning process actually begins with the short-handed table.  When you are a short stack, it can be very difficult to withdraw from the game.  Under these circumstances, and the following advice, you can increase your chances of remaining a short stack.

When you have a hand, you need to be very sure you are acting aggressively.  There are no more timid players at the table.  It does not matter what your cards are, if you have a hand bet, you are acting.  You are seeking to win the pot before it is yours.  There is no holding around for pairs or specific high cards.

Learn to lay down a hand. Say when you have a monster.  Do not be afraid to call, and possibly an all-in as well.  There may be no more monster cards to come out, but the hands that can do damage to you tend to mush out quicker than the hands that stick around.

There is no prospect of you bluffing well, because no one else wants to be in a hand with you.  Your demise would be quick, and quickishment may only mean a double or nothing.

If you have already committed your stack to the pot, there is not much you can do in terms of making a strategic move.  You are probably in the strongest position of strength.  Blinds are high, and any small raise is going to have a good look at you.

There is a sense of camaraderie in the air.  Always be aware of the other players around the table and situation.  You will not be able to fully utilise yourrimplay if you are feeling stressed.  Don’t push it too far.  Just don’t get involved with a weak hand.

But, if you want to survive, you need to be aggressive.  You need to call people when you have a good hand, and raise people when you have a bad hand.   Not everyone will be kind, but if you stick to your guns, you will come out on top.

If you do not want to shoot yourself in the foot, start being selective.  Wake up call, and wait for a great hand.  Before your opponents do, you should be doing the same.  After all, you are one of them.